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Under New Management

780 Queen West
Toronto, Ontario
July 6 – August 28, 2010

The Question: Does your local store meet your local needs?

After extensive customer research, The New Management took over your local store with an innovative and responsive concept that focused on the needs of our customers and their communities. With a new approach to the local shop, “Impact Store Concept” put forth a new kind of store designed to become an intrinsic part of the neighborhoods we service. The first of its kind, The New Management’s store, located at 780 Queen Street West reacted to the trends of the Trinity Bellwoods ‘hood, offering the right product mix and pricing, service delivery and a whole new brand of interior design and merchandising concepts that used a diversified blend of the latest materials to highlight the local market’s distinctive character.

The New Management storefront installations, under the “Impact Store Concept,” allow us to continually evolve and stay competitive as leaders in the mini-market channel. This initiative is generated on an individual store development process, and reinforces the strength of our brand by addressing the uniqueness of each market. Our ability to act and react quickly to new situations gives us a versatility not found in conventional corporate environments.

UNM, installation view 1

UNM, installation view 3

UNM, installation view 6

Curated by Under New Management: Suzanne Carte-Blanchenot and Su-Ying Lee

Featured Artists: Bill Clarke, Sky Fairchild-Waller, Eric Glavin, Anthony Koutras, Catherine Lane, Gary MacLeod and Kelly Mark


UNM, installation view 2

UNM, installation view 4

UNM, installation view 5

UNM, installation view 7