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Art Gallery of Mississauga
Mississauga, Ontario
Exhibition: May 17 – July 7, 2007
Screening: August 28, 2007

As the final installment in the Art Gallery of Mississauga’s dynamic set of My Mississauga visual art events – patrons witnessed the grounds of the Mississauga Central Library taken over by local film collective FILM FORT, as they transformed the space into a series of child-like theatres, creating a unique and engaging viewing experience for video and experimental film. Creating the sense of wonder and nostalgia of home-movies and family slide shows, each fort housed a different video programme.

Following the summer sneak-preview exhibition at the AGM, this collection of shorts featured work by twenty three artists from Mississauga and the surrounding area – all within four comfy, inviting forts outfitted with pillows, twinkle lights and clothes-pinned

Featured Artist: Film Fort Collective


Film Fort 1

Film Fort 3

Film Fort 4

Film Fort 2

Film Fort 5

Film Fort 6

Film Fort 7