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Video Rental Store

Under New Management (Co-curatorial with Su-Ying Lee)
SAW Video Media Art Centre, Ottawa ON
April 26 – June 16, 2018

An ongoing project, this exhibition operates like a video rental store renting artist’s videos. The project employs the characteristics of the retail environment to connect with the local community, while challenging the gallery’s role as an intermediary that delimits the viewer’s direct access to art.

Division of Labour & Artist Material Fund

Worker’s Art & Heritage Centre, Hamilton ON
January – March 2019

Division of Labour is an exhibition which brings artists into dialogue on the subjects of class, race, and labour as they relate to cultural waste. Systems of barter economies, critical discourse about community action around consumption, and circuits of solidarity exchange are more present than ever in the daily working lives of artists and cultural producers. The exhibition and events surrounding Division of Labour will serve as a pedagogical tool to educate on the scarcity of resources, labour rights, living wages, recycling, and environmental impacts. Hearing from artists that politically utilize recycling efforts in their work will further illustrate the power and potential of reused matter for artistic production.